Patient and Understanding

Maureen Grant was first recommended by a member of my family who is an agent in CT. I have been a homeowner for over 40 yrs but had never sold a property. We had a slow start, as I had a tenant that had to be evicted through the court system. Maureen and I built a wonderful relationship throughout the seven month court process. Maureen was extremely patient and understanding. The house finally went on the market in July and within days of showing and an open house we were able to get a full price offer. The inspections. including the Fire Dept., were all handled by Maureen. I did not worry about any of that. Maureen also added a special, and most helpful touch. She purchased and installed proper Smokes/CO2 the Fire Dept. required. I am extremely thankful and appreciative of everything Maureen did for me. I wish I had ten houses for her to sell, as she was such a joy to work with. I truly would recommend Maureen to anyone who wants to sell their property with such a wonderful, professional, and proficient agent.